Serving a four county area
to responsibly dispose of
solid waste. Following
regulation set forth by
the EPA and ADEQ under
the direction of
Executive Director Jim Abbey.

Always with a focus
on environmental stewardship.
    Our district’s landfill and recycling operations provide our residents and businesses an area where their waste and recyclables are properly managed in accordance with federal and state mandated rules, regulations and laws.
    Our board of directors is comprised of our mayors and county judges, who show a genuine interest and use sound judgment in governing their district owned landfill and recycling operations. The landfill and recycling operations are performed by a team of people competent in their selected occupations and dedicated to nothing less than their very best. Each and every worker is vitally important for us to successfully accomplish our mission in an exemplary fashion – to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the public we serve.
    We hope that this website can answer all of your questions concerning the Northeast Arkansas Solid Regional Waste Landfill operations.  Check back to this site often, as we update it on a regular basis.  We hope to include a frequently asked questions section in the near future.
NEA Regional Solid Waste Landfill
Welcome to the NEA Regional Solid Waste Landfill website
    All landfills in the state of Arkansas are subject to regulation under subtitle D of the resource conservation and recovery act (RCRA), title 40 of the code of federal regulations. Part 258 (40 CFR 258).  Subtitle D was adopted by the state of Arkansas and regulates all solid waste landfills that accepts household waste for disposal.  We (NEARSW Landfill) has quarterly inspections and is in compliance with those regulations. Our facility can accept: household waste, commercial waste, and approved industrial waste.  We can handle construction and demolition waste, appliances and furniture, and other bulky, inert waste.  We are also a drop-off point for used tires. 
    The Northeast Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Landfill also owns an operates its own recycling center for the collection of recyclable material.
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NEA Regional Solid Waste Landfill